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The Spanish government assures the blackout the analogical TV in the predicted date
The president in functions, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, says that the Government will arrive at the analogical blackout in the date anticipated during the previous legislature, the 3 of April of 2010

Thus, Zapatero explained that, thanks to “the definitive” extension of the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT), he will apply “according to predicted” the “analogical blackout” or, “if he prefers himself”, “ignited digital”.

Also, he affirmed that he will approve during his mandate the Law destined to regulate the audio-visual sector, including in his electoral program. The leader of the PSOE indicated that this regulation will be used for “extending” the possibilities of means, as well as “to assure” the trusteeship the childhood and the “constitutional values” of its contents.

Ten capitals “will go out” in only 14 months

They are 10 capitals of province and one great amount of towns that represent more than 5.6 million inhabitants. The analogical blackout (the aim of the TV emissions we know as them until now) will arrive as soon as June from 2009 at cities like Saragossa, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Vitoria, Oviedo or Huelva. Altogether, they will be 1,278 municipalities of all the sizes and distributed by all Spain, that will stop receiving the analogical signal. It will affect 11.5% of the Spaniards.

That one will only be first stage. The 31 of December of next year already will be 14.5 million people those that will only be able to watch through the DS in the set of the country. All the independent communities will be affected by these digital blackouts. Then, it will be the turn of capitals like Palma de Mallorca, Almeria, Castellón or Tarragona.

The thickness of the transition will arrive the 3 from April of 2010. That day, the one of the definitive blackout, will enter game the main capitals, like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Murcia or Bilbao.

By then, everything will have to be ready in which it is the greater operation of technological substitution of communitarian history. Nevertheless, to 725 days of the date, the opinions on the matter are diverse. The past day 3, to both right years so that the blackout took place, Impels TDT organized an event in which, in spite of assuring that there is “still much to do”, it painted an optimistic panorama with respect to the fulfillment of terms. “We think that the date of 2010 can be fulfilled”, assured during its speech its president, Eladio Gutiérrez.

(Several, 09/04/08)

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