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It televises disembarks in the market of the French television
The Mexican partnership of Television communication, the major of the Hispanic world, signs an alliance with French producer JLA Groupe to be able to transmit its programs in the Gallic market and to participate in co-productions

Both companies already had collaborated previously with the co-production of the program “baie DES flamboyants” (“zip code”).

The programming of Television that is passed on in France will be doubled to the French and will have the opportunity of being also spread in other French-speaker countries.

Televisa and JLA Groupe analyze the possibility of a greater amount of co-productions to adapt the main soap operas of the Mexican group, as “the idiots do not go to the sky” or “To reach a star”.

The agreement is framed within the strategy of the Mexican corporation to introduce itself in the market of western Europe. The alliance was signed by the vice-president of Television television of Group, Jose Cane, and the top person in charge of JLA Groupe, Jean Light Azoulay.

It televises has in Mexico a quota of participation of 70% in the market of the television, an industry that already reached a penetration of 98% in the Mexican society.

The group, the producing major of soap operas of the planet, with 700 from 1957, owns in Mexico four open television channels and 30 company.

The Mexican company recently initiated the recordings of the Chinese version of “Betty the ugly one”, the popular Colombian soap opera that has prevailed in several countries, which will require of an investment of more than 20 million dollars in the Asian country.

Businesses, among others Television own a company of television by cable that offers services of “triple play” (voice, data, images), the publishing major of magazines in Spanish and 40% of shareholder participation in Sixth.

(Efe, 10/04/08)

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