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Portuguese justice sentence to piratear TV Cabo
A judge of Coimbra condemns the proprietor of a store to sell manipulated receivers fraudulently to catch the television channels of the platform lusa ZON TVCabo

The Court of Coimbra has condemned the proprietor of a store of electronic components to pay a indeminización of 9 thousand Euros to the Portuguese platform of payment ZON TVCabo. The sentence also stipulates the payment of a fine of 1,360 Euros to sell manipulated receivers that allowed to accede to the televising supply of this platform without being subscriber to her.

Now condemned nonofficial sold in his establishment these apparatuses decoders with a software who allowed to the illegal vision of the pay channels of the platform lusa through the orbital position of 30º This of the Hispasat satellites.

This it is not the first case, far from it, that one occurs in Portugal by the televising piracy. In all of them, the judges have dictated to prison sentences and economic sanctions that surpass the 10,000 Euros.

The past month of March, a judge of Oliveira de Azeméis I also condemn to one `person to the payment of a fine of 12,500 Euros to the Portuguese platform Zon TVCabo and to a pain of 6 months of prison, that could be repaid by a sanction of 1,800 Euros.

The sentences now dictated are by facts denounced before the summer of 2007, when pitarería affected of cruel form to TV Cabo, situation that was eradicated with the change of the system of conditional access Nagravisión 3.

Venus TV, one of the channels that ZON TVCabo emits


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