Competition takes part in the business of soccer by television
The National Commission of Competition abre to a sanctioning file by restrictive practices in the market of acquisition and operation of the audio-visual rights

This sanctioning file of office would affect Sogecable, Audio-visual Sport (AVS), Mediapro, TV3, Nou Channel, Telemadrid and Caja Madrid, as well as to 38 clubs of First and Second division, according to the CNC.

Also, it does not discard to extend such actions to other people or organizations that could appear tie with the facts investigated during the instruction of the file. This organism abre to a term of 18 months for the instruction and resolution of the same. Once concluded east period, it will be able either to sanction to the organizations that have realized opposite conducts “to the legislation”, or to sobreseer the file.

The CNC clarifies that this sanctioning file will not intend to explain “the bilateral” conflicts that have been able to arise between the different operators or the clubs from soccer in relation to the application of signed contracts.

As a result of the operation of concentration between Sogecable and Sport Audiovisual, the Main directorate of Defense of the Competition and the old Court of Defense of the Competition (integrated both at present in the CNC), they detected the past year a series in agreements reached about audio-visual operators who could restrict the competition of the soccer market by “their content or duration”.

Within the framework of this investigation, the CNC detected a series of contracts between clubs of soccer of first and second division and operators in whom all the audio-visual rights are yielded. These agreements would affect to all the parties of League and Glass of the King, except for the end of this competition.

This organism affirms that the great majority of clubs of first and second division will be outside the audio-visual market beyond season 2009/2010, as a result of these contracts. This way, a “effect of exclusion” of other operators interested in acceding to this market of acquisition of audio-visual rights could be generated.

(Agencies, 10/04/08)

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