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Telecinco raises to postpone in five years the transition to the TDT of payment
Telecinco does not tell on directed products the payment operation at present reason why, if this modality were approved, it could be outside this market

The delegated adviser of Telecinco Paolo Vasile raises the convenience of postponing in five years the development of the terrestrial digital television (TDT) in payment format, in case the Government chooses to drive a model of these characteristics.

The present legislation it does not contemplate the development of TDT of payment, but Telecinco suspects that the Government could contemplate this possibility, given the constant references of Mediapro to this model of television.

The TDT of payment is an attractive option for Mediapro

The president of this group, Jaume Roures, assured that he has predicted to send a channel of payment soccer that will offer the 16 more interesting encounter of the month (four by liguera day) to a price that would go up to around the Euro by party (“15, 16 or 17 Euros”). The channel could be seen through the platforms of cable or the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT).

Telecinco is conscious that the TDT of payment is an attractive option for Mediapro, since as of the next year will count on the rights the main clubs of soccer, as well as of Formula 1.

On the other hand, from the Ministry of Industry it is insisted that the present legislation and the concessions of TDT in force they do not contemplate the possibility of payment emissions. However, this department accepts that technical possibilities exist to carry out it and could study this modality in case they demand it to the operators.

Meanwhile, Telecinco hopes to increase of progressive form the originating invoicing of the new technologies, as much the one of TDT as of Internet. “In these last months data of all type are offered on the TDT, from the success to the total defeat; it seems that in this some they behave like the hunters when they speak of his feats”, indicated Vasile before the meeting of shareholders.

However, it noticed that “if the cover reaches the 85 percent of the population and the penetration is hardly of a 26.9%, “by something it will be and it seems clear that we are very far from the critical mass necessary to be able to say that people are interested in the TDT”.


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