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33% of the TV announcements are impossible to understand for the spectators
The excess of small letter, his forced concision and the speed to which it leaves printed in screen cause that, actually, one of each three televising announcements is impossible from entener for the spectators

Thus it assures the Federation Usuarios Consumidores Independientes (FUCI) who has realized a study under the title “the small letter in the televising publicity”.

FUCI the past analyzed a hundred of announcements emitted during month of March in the different television networks from Spain, to verify the speed, amount, size and concision of information that appears in them. Also, the registry studied that of this one they have left to the viewers after observing that the small letter of the televising publicity, where the conditions of product hiring diverse or services are explained, appears at a speed that can be complicated for its reading and later understanding.

Thus, according to this study, it is practically impossible to follow the text in the screen by the excessive speed in which it is transmitted in 34% of the cases. While, almost half of the announcements takes an average speed, whose reading, sometimes, is complicated due to the excess of information that contains the message.

Finally, only in a 19% of the analyzed announcements the small letter appears slowly in the screen, easily being assimilated by the teleespectador. Banking automobiles, telecommunications and services are the advertisers with more problems in this sense.

In addition, 50% of the analyzed announcements contain an excessive information, to the salary small letter from practically the principle to the end of this one. They are the announcements of telephony and Internet those that greater informative load take, followed of financial organizations and fast credits.

(OTR, 16/04/08)

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