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Private TV French TF1 requests 100 million to YouTube
TF1 has presented/displayed a denunciation against YouTube, branch of the motor search Google, to that demands 100 million Euros to hang videos spread by the chain without previous agreement nor right of emission

Thus Echos in its digital edition reveals the Gallic economic newspaper Them. TF1 already undertook four months ago legal actions against the French rival of YouTube, Dailymotion.

“We have been receiving the denunciation for days in California but the judgment will take place in the Court of great instance of Paris” assures a spokesman the vestibule of videos in the French metropolitan newspaper. TF1 had the past announced month of December that it tried to denounce by “falsification, disloyal competition and parasitism” to YouTube and Dailymotion, to those who accuses to hang videos spread by the television network without previous agreement nor right of emission.

TF1 the past demands 39.7 million Euros by damages and damages to Dailymotion in a denunciation presented/displayed before the court of commerce of Paris 17 of December. In the case of YouTube, the post of the damages asked for by the French chain is of 100 million Euros, ten times the number of businesses of the branch of Google in 2006.

YouTube already has had to face up in the past to a demand of the Viacom group, proprietor of the Paramount studies and the MTV chain, that it accuses to have spread to him illegally near 160,000 videos, that would have been visionados 1,500 million times. Viacom demands 1,000 million dollars (about 626 million Euros).

(EP, 17/04/08)

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