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The Triple channel X follows without emitting by Hispasat
Almost two months of the temporary cease of this chain are marked without at the moment it knows when its emission in open will be started again as of midnight with a programming for the adult public

For some years the West can be tuned through the orbital position of 30º the Triple channel for adults X, that approximately emits all the nights from the 00:30 hours until the 6:00.

Triple X takes to the relief to Retelsat with the same technical parameters in the frequency 11.615-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4). Despite and unlike Retelsat, that it emits codified, Triple X did in open, or rather, it did because the channel has closed its emissions momentarily.

Triple X has decided approximately to stop its emissions by a period of a month but without explaining the reasons of this parón. The certain thing is that the cease of its emissions reaches both months already and the channel not yet has resumed its programming, in spite of the test pattern that informs into the fact.

The Spanish legislation it does not set up any obstacle for the abierto emission in the television of programs with explicit contents of sex, as long as it is as of midnight and with an advance warning in the screens to announce to the viewers of the beginning of a classified programming X.

This it is the case of Triple X that it mixes shorts of type hard with advertizing announcements of the same characteristics.

Image of Triple X

(SatCesc, 22/04/08)

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