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ONO increases to 6 megas the speed of Internet in Catalonia
This way, the Catalan subscribers to ONO already have access to an increase of 50%, of automatic and gratuitous form, the capacity of their broadband connection

“This initiative reinforces the commitment of ONO with the innovation and with the constant improvement of the quality in the services that we offer to our clients”, it said to Juan Luis Ros, director ONO Catalonia. “In addition, it is also a form to celebrate together the tenth anniversary of our company”.

ONO has more than 1.2 million clients of Internet who enjoy authentic broadband and commercializes, in different combined, three modalities of access to Internet (25.12 and 6 megas) and other so many of TV (“Essential”, “Extra” and “Total”).

Recently, ONO has sent two supplies of 2 and 3 megas, designed to reduce to the maximum the barriers of entrance to the use of Internet of high speed in Spain. The supplies - most competitive of all the than they exist today in the market are directed for those families who want to accede for the first time to Internet and include a broadband service of 2 or 3 megas, without no type of limitation.

ONO, initiated in 1998 their unfolding of network in Catalonia. Since then and with an investment superior to €1.500 million, have unfolded an optical fiber network of more than 2,000 kilometers. At the moment, the operator offers services of telephony, television and broadband access in Catalonia to more than 200,000 clients, between homes, corporative and institutional clients.

(NP, 22/04/08)

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