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Portugal Telecom acquires the network of distribution of signal of the TV lusa
Operator Portugal Telecom (PT) buys to Capital the Media company, that the Spanish communications group controls Haste, her network of distribution of television signal lusa

This operation will allow PT, of which the Telephone Spanish owns the 9.9 percent of her actions, to participate alone in the contest of Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) that the Portuguese Government sent, whereas Average Capital is outside this project.

In an official notice sent to the Commission of the Moving Stock market (CMVM), Capital Average explained that this agreement includes the conditions of benefit of services related to the transmission of the signal of TVI television, the chain leader of hearings in Portugal and property of the company controlled by Haste.

After this purchase, PT will have the two networks of distribution of existing signal of television in Portugal, which supposes a great advantage at the time of confronting the public contest of TDT, due to the high costs that it must create a network for this intention.

In addition, PT makes sure that Average Capital does not participate in any partnership with some of the competing potentials in this contest in case it had not reached an agreement with the old monopoly of the telecommunications.

Tomorrow the term is closed to both present/display the candidacies to TDT contests, that will suppose the creation of a fifth channel in open and a new model of pay television.

(Agencies, 23/04/08)

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