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The channel of the EuroNews news changes of image in June
It will be from the 4 of June when the Pan-European chain renews its image with new logo and graphisms agreeing with the beginning of its version in Arab language, eighth of the channel

This new language will be added already to the existing ones as they are English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian and Italian the Spanish.

“The incorporation of the Arab is an important point of flection in the multilingual strategy of EuroNews. The channel will be able to increase its hearing between the Arab population in Europe and the Mediterranean area”, indicated the president of the chain, Philippe Cayla.

The international channel of the news, created in December of year 1993 (to see image of the initial logo in the part inferior of them the news), leads, with a weekly hearing of 6 million spectators, the channels dedicated to the continuous information in Europe, in front of Cnn (5.023.000) SkyNews (4.699.000) BBC World (3.095.000) CNBC (2.069.000) and Bloomberg (2.061.000).

EuroNews, that has undergone a weekly growth of 5% in the last year, is the channel more seeing in France, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland and Austria. Concretely, it has obtained a significant growth in Italy with more of a 11%, Spain and Finland with a 33% and Austria with 24%.

EuroNews can attract in open through the main satellites with European cover.

In the left, image of EuroNews when initiating its emissions in 1993 and to the right a present image of the channel, that in June will renew graphisms and logo from the 4 of June.

(SatCesc, 24/04/08)

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