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Judgment in California against NDS by piracy in the pay television
Operator DISH Network requests 900 million dollars to NDS to have disclosed by Internet, presumably, the keys that allowed to accede to their television channels of payment

The well-known hacker Christopher Tarnovsky has declared before the judge who a branch of the group News had contracted it to Corp to make a computer science-spy program, although has denied it to have used to accede to the keys of security of a platform of television via payment satellite.

Christopher Tarnovsky declares like witness in the judgment that is being realized these days in California against NDS, branch of News Corp. Operator DISH Corp Network. she blames NDS in a case in which she asks for several hundreds of million dollars in concetpto of losses.

According to the plaintiffs, the mission of Tarnovsky was to introduce itself in the network of the computer science system of the DISH television to accede to the security codes, that is to say the keys, and once known to propagate them in the market of pitarería of cards decoders. These cards allowed a gratuitous access to the supply of the paid chains of the platform, now plaintiff.

The lawyers of the group evaluate the losses by this presumed delicitivo fact in about 900 million dollars.

NDS, that provides technological solutions for the security, denies the accusation, explaining that what did was to close by follow a normal procedure in the electronic industry exploring a high tech product to determine the operation and the improvement of its security.

Under oath, Tarnovsky said that its work consisted of completing a computer science program of piracy to indeed reinforce the safeties of the pay television.

Presented/displayed like “one of both better hackers of the world” by the lawyers of the part plaintiff, Tarnovsky affirmed that company the publishing Harper book Collins had paid to him by the work carried out in this society during 10 years. The circumstance occurs that this publishing company is property of News Corp, also NDS property.

The judgment could still extend of two to three weeks more in the court of Santa Ana, in the south of California, where Tarnovsky lives and where it is soothes of NDS.

(Several, 25/04/08)

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