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Two companies aspire to control Terrestrial Digital Television lusa
The government luso is congratulated so that two companies, Portugal Telecom (PT) and the Swedish AirPlus TV, presented/displayed proposals for the licitation of the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT)

“The fact that more than a company it has indicated interest, it reinforces the perspective of which stops the 2011 Portuguese population can have to his disposition an innovating platform of TDT”, according to a joint official notice of the ministries of Public Works and Communications and the one of Parliamentary Subjects (that the responsibility of the social communication has).

The note remembers that with this licitation the Government “takes a decisive step to close the analogical system of the televising broadcasting in 2012”.

“the TDT represents an enormous potential for the expansion and consolidation of the society of the information and the knowledge, promotes the diversification of the televising supply and contributes of decisive way to the development of the industry of contents”, concludes the note of the Government luso.


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