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Austrian television ORF will be codified only in Irdeto
The public television of Austria will leave the system of conditional access Cryptoworks to happen to use only the one of Irdeto in the codification of its supply of channels through the Astra satellites

To date ORF uses both encryption systems but their people in charge have made the decision to leave the one of Cryptoworks to eradicate the piracy that harms east system of codification.

The firmato contract with Irdeto has use until year 2018 with the forecast to change to the present cards decoders to almost two million subscribers who at present accede to the supply of the pay channels of ORF (ORF 1 and ORF 2) under the system of Cryptoworks.

The transition to the new system anticipates the simultaneous activation in simulcrypt until the codification of Cryptoworks is deactivated.

The transmission in simulcrypt will agree with the celebration of the Eurocopa de Fútbol, that will have like east scene summer the countries of Austria and Switzerland.

The leaders of the Austrian television are convinced that the change of technology will eradicate to the one hundred percent the piracy of its supply of channels through 19,2º This of the Astra satellites.

Image of ORF 1

(SatCesc, 25/04/08)

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