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The Hindu platform Dish TV reaches the 3 million subscribers
This data fully takes place right to the four years of the birth of this platform of television via satellite of India surpassing the initial forecasts of its people in charge

And it is that to the year of the beginning of Dish TV, in May of 2004, this operator of pay television already had a million clients in her portfolio. Data that have followed alaza recruiting year in the last, from May of 2007 until now, a total of 500,000 subscribers, according to the official data facilitated of Dish TV.

Its supply consists of more of a hundred of television channels that they emit through satellite NSS 6, located to 95º This, codified under the systems of conditional access Conax and Mediaguard.

The platform initiated its walking of more or less modest form with the incursion of 48 channels, supply that has been increasing in the last months gradually.

Channels like EuroNews, BBC World, TV5 Asie, Eurosport News and Trace TV, among others, are a clear sample of the western direction that they try to give to the people in charge of Dish TV to the content of his supply.

(SatCesc, 29/04/08)

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