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Stopped to share the signal of the digital TV of payment
The president of a community of 67 years is stopped in Valencia to share the signal of the digital television with 36 neighbors of the property

Agents of the National Police have stopped in Valencia to the president of a neighbor community by, supposedly, sharing with 36 of their neighbors the signal of a platform of digital television, to which she was paid, for more than thirteen months.

According to police sources in an official notice have informed, the prisoner is accused of a swindle crime, regarding the market and to the consumers, electrical fraud of energíia and intellectual property.

After the halting, that took place in the district of Patraix of the city of Valencia, the agents took part a digital decoder, a card of digital installment, a modulator RF stere and a euroconector cable in the ninth floor of the building, where are the light pictures.

Apparently, the prisoner, of 67 years, the past gave to 36 neighbors his signal of the digital platform, to which he was paid, from the 16 of March of year.

The man, without police antecedents, was in freedom to the few hours of his halting after declaring with the obligation to appear before the judicial authority.


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