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Briton ITV confronts a sanction of 5 million Euros
Ofcom, the vigilant organ of the British television, anticipates to impose a penalty record to the British network of television ITV after an investigation of six months to deceive the hearing in contests

The deceit that lived in several on contests more important on ITV, in that calls were received to obtain prizes to which in fact it was not chosen, will cost to the British channel around four million pounds, that is to say, five million Euros, according to gathers the Guardian newspaper.

The scandal, that triggered the last year, lives the final straight line on a process that has surrounded to great figures of the British television like Simon Cowell.

The spectators of programs as the “quiz show” “Saturday Night Takeaway” or the musical contest “Soapstar Superstar” spent almost 10 million Euros in calls in direct. Nevertheless, those calls did not enter in the results of the votings.

The chain argues that the people in charge of the spaces “were motivated by their professional instinct to produce the best possible program more” than to maximize their benefits.

Ofcom, however, has shown in several occasions its opposition to palliate the reduction of the advertizing income - by the fragmentation of the market with the income obtained by means of telephone calls.

In the case of “Saturday Night Takeaway”, the spectators who tried to participate in a telephone contest not obtained except for if they were located in a concrete zone of the United Kingdom. In addition, their calls did not have possibility of entering contest unless they were carried out in a concrete margin of one hour.

In “Gameshow Marathon”, offerers were chosen by equipment of production of program, visited that them and determined to the participants based on the paper which they would do in front of the camera, instead of the supposed method of selection.

The controversy provovada by “Soapstar Superstar”, a luck of “Operation triumph”, is different. Some of the votes to the participants were unknown in favor of the favorites of the jury.

(the World, 30/04/08)

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