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Cantabria will summon a new contest for the autonomic television
The government of Cantabria will modify the contest that he had summoned to distribute the licenses autonomic and local of TDT because it considers that, as the survival of the channels of the interior regions is raised, is not guaranteed

Thus the chief of a main directorate of Telecommunications of the independent community, Marin announced Sanchez, who explained that the decision of the Council is based on its impression that “most probable” is than the channels of the interior regions ended up leaving for want of yield.

The problem is based in the distribution in regions on which the contest is based. The TDT licenses that correspond to assign to the Government of Cantabria distribute in six regions or groupings of municipalities that do not agree with the traditional regions of the region: western of coast and western interior, power station of coast and power station inner, and Eastern of coast and Eastern interior.

Marin Sanchez remembered that, in Cantabria, most of the population and of the economic activity is overturned in the zone next to the coast, reason why sees difficult that the interior licenses can survive in a business based on the publicity.

The new contest will try to resolve that to make difficult binding the concession of a license in the coast to the operation of another license in that same zone, but in the inner part of Cantabria. “For the coastal zones the survival was going to be very easy, but for interiors, no. Binding the coastal and inner concessions, we try to obtain that the inner concessions survive over the years, that the citizens of Liébana, of Campoo, of Iguña, the Pasiegos Valley or Soba they have autonomic and local television just as the others”, Sanchez explained.

The chief of a main directorate of Telecommunications also explained how the problem of the licenses of the main commercial radii in FM of the independent community thinks to confront the Executive, whose prorogation has been annulled by the Court Superior of Justice of Cantabria to consider that the autonomic administration did not justify sufficiently why extended its concessions.


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