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Hunting and Fishing TV land in Portugal to comprise of ZON TVCabo
On a mesh wiring that covers more with 50% of the Portuguese territory, ZON TVCabo (before TV Cabo) counts on one varied supply of television to which it adds as of April Hunting and Fishing TV like Premium channel

The agreement reached between both companies will start up April this first contemplates the emission of the programming in original version with subtitles in Portuguese.

From this date, Hunting and Fishing TV it will include in his supply of contents specific programs on Portugal, like the news articles: “Montería in the Portuguese Alentejo” (24 April, 20:30 h), recorded in a property located in the Alentejo, lines up border with the frontier province of Badajoz, or “hunting of recechos Lusitanos” (6 May, 19:00 h), in which the chain accompanies to Portuguese hunters several recechos by gamos.

From the technical point of view, Sogecable it carries out the necessary operations that they allow that the subscribers of two platforms different (ZON TVCabo and Digital+) with systems from different encryption can receive the same signal, which avoids that to the costs and the satelite space are duplicated.

Of this form Hunting and Fishing TV it gives his first jump outside Spain to the Portugal neighbor, a country where the practice of the hunting, the fishing and the passion by the nature are seconded by great part of their population. Directed by Juan Delibes, Hunting and Fishing TV it is the unique television channel in our country dedicated to these likings.

It has surpassed the 100,000 natural subscribers and bet by a programming of quality that includes specific contents of each one of the disciplines, and spaces that reflect the passion and the respect by the Environment who share hunters and fishermen.

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