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France has a new supply of television via satellite to the TDT
TNtop is the third platform of terrestrial digital television (TNT in France) that is distributed by satellite in the Gallic country with the distribution of 7 chains of payment and 18 in open

TNtop is the main shareholder of Top Up TV, operator leader of the TDT of payment in the United Kingdom. Now it disembarks in France with a supply of seven chains of payment (Eurosport, Planète, LCI, Channel J, Paris Première, TF6, AB1). The package includes the reception of 18 gratuitous chains of the TDT, as well as the future channels in high resolution (HD).

The users of this new platform must acquire a television receiver by satellite with a cost of 100 Euros to which there are to add the minimum monthly installment of 8 monthly Euros. The televising signal is codified under the system of conditional access Viaccess 3.0.

In the case of terminating itself, the decoder is in property of the subscriber.

In France the possibility, like exists in other European countries, to accede to the supply of the TDT through the reception via satellite as a result of probelmas orographic that in certain zones of the country does not allow the technical reception of the terrestrial digital television.


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