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Experts in the piracy of the payment TV mention themselves in Holland
The great attraction of the appointment, that approaches the computer science security, is the American Christopher Tarnovsky who could have spread the first codes that allowed abrir the system Mediaguard 1 at beginnings of this decade

Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, has been scene of Black-Hat 2008, one of the more important European appointments dedicated to the computer science security.

The encounter has been characterized by the conference of Christopher Tarnovsky. This engineer in computer science occurred to know by his talent in investigating and deciphering the different systems from conditional access that use the pay televisions.

In fact, this American of 39 years of age, takes responsibility to him of direct form to be the author “have abierto” the system Mediaguard 1 (Dry) with the diffusion of the first codes that allowed to accede of fraudulent form and illegal to the supplies of the European platforms that at beginnings of the year 2000 were punished by the piracy until the point to have to leave this system of conditional access.

However, obvious, the same Tarnovsky denies to be the author to show the vulnerability of old Mediaguard 1. Although there are tests that can accuse to him directly, to no Tarnovsky is presumably accused to him to be recruited in 1999 by society NDS, branch of News Corp de Rupert Murdoch and developer of the system of Videoguard codification, so that it later broke and it published in Internet the codes of security of the television network of Canal+ payment and those of the Swiss group Kudelski S.A. that develops the Nagravisión system.

Once harmed the systems of conditional access Mediaguard and Nagravisión, this allowed to hundreds of millares of people to accede of illegal and fraudulent form to the programming of the chains of payment with the consequent millionaire losses of the platforms. Thus, Echostar (Nagravision in Dish Network), indicates to have lost hundreds of million dollars and at present demands by damages and damages billions of dollars to NDS.

In the next weeks, Christopher Tarnovsky must appear before a court of California to defend NDS. For the computer science one, Kudelski and Echostar invented this history of televising piracy with the aim of concealing the weakness of their encryption. Own the computer science one recognizes that “it broke” the coding of cards of Kudelski. For it was contracted by NDS to do it. According to Tarnovsky, “one is an activity that realizes all the companies of the sector”. However, it denies to have published the codes in Internet because any economic benefit would not have tolerated him on the matter and it either did not want to run any risk.

For prestigious the computer science one, Kudelski and Echostar did not invest the sufficient thing to improve their system of codification and to avoid so “outside open”.

(SatCesc, 04/04/08)

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