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Animax is prepared to initiate its emissions in Spain
Saturday 12 of April the channel begins its emissions of animates to Japanese property of Sony Pictures International Television and that is elevated like one of the more original thematic channels and of greater success at world-wide level

Animax is defined as a different, vanguardista channel, for the general public, where the young people of 15 to 35 years will be identified especially with one varied sample of contents (all of them dubbings to the Spanish), based on she animates Japanese and where all type of sorts and tendencies have capacity. Animax will include in its programming from classic, like “Detective Conan” or “Lupin III”, to great world-wide successes, like “Champloo Samurai”, and also series of rigorous opening like “Nana” and “Peach Girl”.

In order to celebrate its launching in Spain, Animax offers “Ghost in The Shell”, one of the most important films of the sort animates, awarded with the prizes to the best film and better director in the festival World Animation Celebration.

Present in 49 countries

Animax is an international channel, property of Sony Pictures International Television, that is available in 41 million homes of 49 countries of Latin America, Asia and Japan, where it has achieveed a great success thanks to a proposal of original entertainment, different and from great quality. Recently Animax has been sent in Center Europe, Germany and South Africa.

Really, Animax arrives at Spain with fresh, original, colouristic, innovating and different a proposal within the multi-channel panorama, becoming the channel of destiny for a public with a young spirit, who looks for an alternative of different and present entertainment.

In Spain Animax he will be available initially in the basic supply of Imagenio (dial 26), being very next the incorporation of the channel to other operators.

With the launching of Animax, the group Sony Pictures International Television extends its supply of channels in Spain. The channel AXN, that began its emissions in November of 1998, will fulfill in this year his tenth anniversary like one of the channels preferred by the spectators of the pay television in Spain, with a solid one and continued position of leadership of hearing between the thematic channels.


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