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Uteca fears that the phantom that releases the analogical blackout is pirateado
The Union of Commercial Televisions shows its preoccupation on the transition the Terrestrial Digital TV by the possibility that the analogical frequencies that leave the national operators free occupy pirate operators, without to no closes them authority

One second restlessness of UTECA talks about that in the territories where the analogical blackouts and digital ignitions will begin - first year in Soria is predicted east remain without television signals some that receive now it.

For this reason, the Union of Commercial Televisions Associated asks that the Government who forms in the next days articulates “immediate and viable solutions”.

On the risk of pirateo of frequencies, the association asks that the central Administration, by means of the creation of a commission or similar, in which they are the respective autonomic administration and a special judge, closes quickly and effectiveness illegal the analogical and digital signals.

On the other hand, it thinks that “weight economic of transition to Television Digital Terrestrial (TDT) is falling almost exclusively to operators national of television, that is the one who “are spending for years hundreds of million Euros in contents and transport and diffusion of the new DS, against the rest of actors of the sector”.

UTECA defends that each partial analogical blackout is realized when the digital penetration is equal to the analogical one of that territory.

In addition the Government asks that, “to whom the greater investment economic in the complex operation to change of one to another technology, as it is being in the other countries of the EU”, facilitates, in coordination or not with basic manufacturers and installers, equipment to the homes without economic resources is incumbent on to accede to them and can remain without television signal.


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