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More than thousand television networks they will receive the signal of Expo Saragossa 2008
This will be possible thanks to the agreements that are going away to subscribe with the European Union of Radiodifusión (UER), the Organization of Latin American Televisión (OTI) and a service of interchange of the news

The president of Expo Saragossa 2008, Roque Gistau, will sign several agreements of collaboration the two main international associations of television.

With 75 active members (services public of radio and television) of 56 different countries, the UER is the greater audio-visual alliance of the world. His chief of a main directorate, Jean Reveillon, will approach until Saragossa for the company/signature of the agreement.

On the other hand, the OTI represents 50 television stations of more than a twenty of countries that emit in Spanish and Portuguese and is presided over by the Mexican tycoon of the telecommunications Emilio Azcárraga, Mexican president of the Television one.


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