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Mediapro will send to a channel of payment soccer the next season
Mediapro has predicted to send a channel of payment soccer that will offer the 16 more interesting parties of the month (four by liguera day) to a price that would go up to around the Euro by party

This new channel will be seen through the platforms of cable or the terrestrial digital television (TDT). Thus it president has assured group Mediapro, Jaume Roures, who is addition that “will not have to pay a toll, but to buy the soccer that is desired, without the necessity to buy another apparatus”.

Roures has assured that this channel will begin the season that comes with one more a cheaper supply, because they will not count on all the rights. However, it remembered among others that as of the next year it will count on the rights of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Roures is addition that “will not have to pay a toll, but to buy the soccer that is desired”, without the necessity “to buy another apparatus”. Roures said that 16 parties to the month will be emitted --four by liguera day-- “by 15, 16 or 17 Euros”.

On the denominated war of soccer, Jaume Roures has assured that Sogecable “skips the measures because it has tendency to think that everything is his” and said that its “attitude has surprised him forces suicide on”. “Superficially ours, to happen they will not happen, that insurance”, warned.

Jaume Roures also has talked about the rights of the Formula 1, that Mediapro has acquired for next the five years. The shareholder of the Catalan company affirmed that Formula 1 as of the next season “will be seen in Sixth”, and “almost surely in TV3 and Channel 9”.