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The United Kingdom regulates the channels of chats and videncia
The television channels that make money through contests by telephone, chats for viewer adults and could be closed unless they change radically his production

Thus it assures the regulator the telecommunications British, that has prescribed, for the sake of protecting the viewers, who these channels will only be able to use the expensive telephone channels if there is “publishing justification”.

Under these intentions, the channels that only exist thanks to this form of subsistence would be closed.

They will have to relaunch like channels of “teletienda”, but then they would be regulated by the publicity laws that many channels for adults or of videncia would fail to fulfill.

The publicity norms also would include that “4 ITV”, “Chanel” and “Five” would have to restrict their advertizing grill if they choose to emit contents of “teletienda”. The action of the regulator of average British takes place after a series of cases in that diverse viewers have been deceived in different programs with telephone calls.

“The new norms mean that these channels face a regulation regime more it last which they must fulfill”, it has affirmed the Executive head of “ombusdman” British, also denominated Ofcom, Ed Richards. “Ofcom will make sure that the programs only use the telephone calls when exists the sufficient publishing justification”.

(Reuters, 11/04/08)

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