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Fox Sports Middle East emits in abierto by the Intelsat satellite 3R
The orbital position of 43º the West has a magnificent cover in Europe and its signal destines as it connects technician to distribute the channel in the old continent, Asia and part of Africa

The fans to the sports considered purely North American like the baseball, the basketball or the ice hockey, among others, have the opportunity to enjoy the contents of Fox Sports Middle East.

For weeks, this channel of the factory Fox, emits in open through the orbital position of 43º the West of the Intelsat satellite 3R, before PanamSat 3R. 12.650-H MHz can attract in the frequency (MR. 30800, FEC 7/8) and its audio one is in English.

In fact, Fox Sports Middle East during several months emitting in abierto but codified his signal enough to safeguard the contracted sport rights. However, now he has returned be abierto emphasizing the quality in the reception of the image.

Several European platforms, mainly of the East of Europe, use the connection of Fox Sports Middle East to supply the channel in their programmings.

The Intelsat satellite 3R has more than excellent cover in almost all Europe. One is a panaeuropeo satellite that operates for America and Europe. Basically it is used to distribute to the television channels not of direct form to the homes but for the operators of television by satellite and mesh wirings. This it is the Mexican case of the Television one or the Teuve Spanish.

In order to know the different chains that can tune through Intelsat 3R as well as its beam of cover it can consult in the following direction of the Web of UnuSat:"

Image of Fox Sports Middle East

(SatCesc, 11/04/08)

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