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The electronic sector asks to drive the high resolution TV
The industry of the Spanish electronics of consumption creates possible the analogical blackout and demand that is prohibited to sell televisions without high resolution as of a determined date

The sales have registered a change of tendency in the three last years when happening of a number very reduced of televisions that incorporated technology of the terrestrial digital television (TDT) to the proportion registered in October of 2007, when 300,000 flat apparatuses were bought, of that 225,000 counted or with TDT, and the degree of implantation of the planes is or of the 49 percent.

These data have been presented/displayed today in Malaga in the I Spanish Congress of autonomic Digital Television and local by the Multi-sector Association of Spanish companies of electronics and communications (Asimelec), whose president of the TDT group, Married Jesus, it has taken part in the first round table.

It notices that if the contents of the digital television are the same that in the analogical one, it will lack attractive, and complaint of “certain degree of disinterestedness”, when thinking that “some broadcasters see the TDT like a contracted obligation in which there is to be, but does not create in her nor is very interested”.

It considers such blackout necessary, although it demands pending questions as to regulate and to implant an electronic guide of programs who allows the user to know what is going away to emit, which would guarantee that the recorders work with reliability.

Also it asks that the format of panoramic video is respected it jeopardize and the quality of sound besides rigor in the transmission parameters, that think that “in much cases they are not fulfilled”, whereas with respect to the interactivity it solicits that the software version is defined and all fulfill the standard.

In this sense, it has commented that the use of the national document of identity (DNI) electronic tries on introducing it in a reader of the television tuner, with possibilities like consulting the fiscal situation of an individual with the state or if fines with the City council are had.

It adds in addition that does not tell on a “measurement of the trustworthy hearing” and creates necessary that the broadcasting deprived public or are authorized to give services of payment by event.

Spain counts with 29 million installed television receivers in a country with 16.1 million homes, which makes an average of 1.8 televisions by home, and in the 68 percent of the houses these apparatuses are of tube and have more than 6.8 years of antiquity; in a 27 percent there are of tube and planes and in a 4.5 percent, only flat.

Married it has explained that leaves from the apparatuses need to be adapted or to be renewed; that the manufacturers already are leaving the commercialization of the tube televisions and that they appear in the homes apparatuses of 32, 37 and 42 inches.

It adds that the TDT has 21 programs with a state cover of the 85 percent of the population and that in some zones is arrived at 32 programs if the local ones are included autonomic and.

With respect to the high resolution, it asks to the administration that when it arrives the moment regulates itself as France or Italy and prohibits themselves to sell televisions without high resolution as of a determined date.

(Efe, 11/04/08)

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