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Disney sends a television channel in Latin America for pre-school
Playhouse Disney will emit the 24 hours and it will be added to the cable channels that have the American repair company, Disney Channel and Jetix, which they are emitted in 19 countries of the region with programming for familiar public

President of The Walt Disney Latin Company America and general manager of Disney Average Latin Networks America, Diego Lerner, said that the launching of the new channel “represents an essential point in the strategy to expand the distribution of all the Disney contents to the families of the region”.

Disney closed the agreement to emit the new signal through the Argentine cable operators Cablevisión, Multicanal and Teledigital, while it looks for to make specific agreements with other systems of television pays of the region.

The channel will begin its emissions during the next month of June and its programming will be dedicated

especially to children of two to five years.


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