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The TVE telex turns 20 years of life
The 16 of May of 1988 began the uninterrupted emission of the telex of the TVE, pioneer of this service in Spain, although in the world-wide ones of 1982 soccer already it was possible to be seen in emission in tests

The TVE telex will turn 20 years the next month of May after to have registered its better data of hearing in which it goes of 2008.

Share of this service, that began in January with a 49.3%, has been increased in March until 53.8%, almost ten points more than in the same month the year last, according to the public chain.

More than half of the viewers they choose this telex to consult, mainly, the programming of the chains, the last news and the sport present time, besides services like the time, the stock market, drawings or the state of the highways.

Also, the system was born with another purpose aside from informing: to facilitate the access to the people with auditory incapacity through subtitleholder of the programs.


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