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Sony TV and Fox Next Portugal emits in abierto by Hispasat
In both cases one is the version in Portuguese language, that in addition is included in the recent supply of channels sent by the new platform lusa via satellite I piss

Sony TV and Fox Next Portugal can attract in open through Hispasat satellite 1C (30º the West) in the frequency 12.092-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4), using the transponder of Overon.

Of entrance it surprises the fact that these two channels can attract at the moment in open and in addition through another frequency, inasmuch as I piss already has two different transponders where they emit both channels. Despite and like it also happens with AXN Portugal, in the same frequency, it is possible that in the next dates as much Sony TV as Fox Next Portugal codifies itself.

Sony Pictures International Television has sent in these last days as much for the market of the Spanish pay television like Portuguese the channels Animax and Sony TV, although this last one in Spain receives the name of SETH in I see, inasmuch as TV replaced some months ago in the Hispanic TDT to the 2 channel I see.

(SatCesc, 14/04/08)

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