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The Mexican satellite Solidarity 2 is put on sale
The majority of television channels was transferred at the time to the satellite SatMex 6, whereas Solidarity only 2 operates in L band with services to institutions of national security

The satellite Solidarity 2 that was sent to the space during the administration of Carlos Saline of Gortari, was put on sale and the SatMex company looks for to convince to Telecomm to return to acquire the majority of the actions.

In agreement with a information that publishes the Mexican newspaper the Universal one, two mortgages that weigh on the satellite that was pride of the salinista administration, have stopped the negotiations between SatMex and Telecomm.

Sources of the Secretariat of Función Pública (SFP) detailed that the package of action of the satellite was offered to Telecomm by 240 million weights (MP).

The SFP needed that the satellite has fulfilled its life utility since it placed in orbit 14 years ago and that is the life that was considered would have Solidarity 2, but indicated that its orbit was changed so that a little more time worked.

(Agencies, 15/04/08)

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