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Satellite AMC 14 occurs by lost after its bankrupt launching
SES Americom, American branch of SES, shows that its satellite AMC 14, recently sent to the space, has been considered like lost after verifying that it could not be relocated in the anticipated geosteacionaria orbit

The loss of a satellite is a great deception, has assured Mark Rigolle, financial director of SES. However, the person in charge assures that the accounts of SES Americom will not be affected by the loss of the AMC-14 inasmuch as the company will receive the amount of 150 million dollars for the insurances contracted in the project of the launching of this satellite.

A technical failure in the launching the past month of marxo of the booster motor Russian Briz-M tolerated not to be able to place to the satellite in its orbital position being necessary one second operation that, initially and always according to the technicians would have shortened the life of the AMC-14 in case finally it had entered in good condition.

The cause was a failure of the booster motor Russian Briz-M that could not conduct the programmed operation what tolerated that second orbit did not place the satellite in his.

Satellite AMC-14 had the mission to give to service to the Dish platform Network through the orbital position of 61,5º the West replacing EchoStar 3. The AMC-14 was equipped with 32 transponders in Ku band.


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