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The Norwegian satellite Thor 5 enters officially in good condition
Thor 5 has replaced to the satellite Thor 2 in the orbital position of 1º the West with the benefit of services of television for the markets Scandinavian, Europe and the Middle East

The new satellite of Telenor was sent to space the past 11 of February from the space-port of Baikonur, in Kazakhstan, through a Russian propellent “Proton” transporting Thor 5, also baptized like Thor 2R.

The new satellite Thor 5 was created by the Orbital American Sciences Corporation by order of the Telenor Norwegian. The satellite, with life utility of 15 years, was successfully placed in the geostationary orbit of 1º the already estáplenamente operative West and, according to the own company.

Thor 5 is equipped with 24 transponders in Ku band and will improve the cover of the service of Telenor in the Nordic countries, Europe and the Middle East.

The new satellite Thor 5, has an European beam that reaches all the old continent, of north to the south. The first time that a signal of the Thor arrives until the Iberian Peninsula, including the Canary Islands is this.

Of these 24 transponders, 15 they are destined to beam T1 (to see footpint), whereas the T2 has to 9 4 repeaters and the 5 T3 from 0 to transponders. The beam T2 is qua covers all Europe.

(SatCesc, 15/04/08)

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