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The calls call TV make worse the quality of the channels in open
The proliferation in the last months of telephone contests in schedule nocturne begins to be a constant in the televising panorama in open, as much via satellite as in the TDT

This it is the case of the channels of the terrestrial digital television in Spain like CincoShop, Telecinco 2, Home 10, Antenna 3, Four, Sixth, FlyMusic and more recently Latin musical comedy 40, before the surprise of the customary spectators to have a programming of greater quality.

And he is that lately the contests of telephone calls have proliferated in the television, what is called call TV. According to it has been able to know this vestibule, the company Telemedia Group, with it soothes in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, produces these interactive programs for more than 40 countries. The channels are numerous worldwide, including several Spaniards, those that emit their spaces from the Hungarian capital.

The organizations of consumers and viewers either have warned in more than an occasion on this type of programs contest in the sense that some of them can be from presumed a doubtful or little credibility, with the memory of or disappeared TeleSierra in the satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD.

The sad memory of TeleSierra

TeleSierra was closed by judicial order after verifying that the televising contests that offered were a mere deceit so that the viewers called to a telephone number and once contacted he was made wait for outside antenna a long time them with the aim of which the revertiera telephone invoice in the economy of the televising chain.

In the case that now occupies to us and of the mentioned channels, it is of supposition that nothing they have to do with TeleSierra and what they look for the chains emit that them is a source of income more in schedule nocturne when the hearings are smaller. What if is clear it is that according to the understood ones in the matter, its programming is motivating a considerable loss of quality in the contents of the television in open and more in the TDT.

In addition the several circumstance that occurs multiplex of the UHF one they have seen increased the number of 4 channels 5 to be able “to lodge” these programs with the consequent loss also of the technical quality when having to compress plus the signal.

Programs and allowed business

Nobody can put in doubt the legality and the allowed form of this type of contents of the call call TV. The Telemedia company, that it has soothes for Europe in the Hungarian capital and another one in Buenos Aires (Argentina) for all Latin America, is the one in charge to produce programs that Four it emits at daybreak. Also Sixth it offers at daybreak a similar content.

Sources of the sector assure that Telemedia Group produces monthly more than 4,000 hours of programs. This is the main world-wide company supplier of interactive games of television and services of movable entertainment, with more than 20 years of experience in the interactivity business.

Image of the missing TVL TeleSierra

(SatCesc, 15/04/08)

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