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Premiere confirms that it will use codification NDS Videoguard
The German platform of pay television announces the incorporation of Videoguard like new system of conditional access for its channels, although it will maintain by a time the new version of Nagravisión

Of this form they are denied the given information at beginnings of this year by the own people in charge of Premiere in the sense that they would only follow using Nagravisión discarding NDS Videoguard.

And it is that after knowing the news the purchase on the part of News Corp of 14.5% of the capital of Premiere, from several journalistic sources was speculated on with the possibility that the German platform left Nagravisión to happen to use the system of conditional access of NDS, Videoguard. A speculation that now has taken body, by halves, with the official confirmation on the part of Premiere.

We remember that this system NDS Videoguard is totally invulnerable to hackers and that in fact already they use the platforms property of News Corp as they are Digital the Sky Briton (BSkyB) and the Italian Sky.

The changes announced officially by Premiere are the following:

• Incorporation of the system of conditional access NDS Videoguard for all the subscribers to the platform.

• The maintenance in symulcrypt of a new version of the system of codification of Nagravisión (that or uses other platforms like TV Cabo or Digital+).

• The change of all the cards decoders for more than 4 million subscribers of Premiere as of the second fourth month period of this year 2008.

• The maintenance of the present receivers to which present software will modify to them via satellite so that he is compatible with the new system of NDS Videoguard and as well also is it with the new version of Nagravisión.

Coexistence of Videoguard and Nagravisión until 2012

The contract with NDS lasts of 10 years. The maintenance in symulcript of Nagravision, with the new considered version insurmountable, will be extended until the year 2012, moment at which at the time expires the contract signed with Kudelski, to title of the system of codification so punished by the piracy during the last times.

(SatCesc, 15/04/08)

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