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TCM dedicates a special programming to the film director David Lynch
TCM will offer at night of the 26 of April, as of the 22.00 hours, two films that summarize the vitality and the present time of the director, whereas the 23 of April celebrate the Day of Libro

Saturday 26 of April, TCM emits a special programming dedicated to the film director David Lynch, within the space “the 10 magnificent ones”. One is the second delivery of a series that will continue in emission in TCM until the end of year, a selection of films carried out by the 10 more remarkable figures of the cinema of our time, by 10 unquestionable magnificent ones in the art to count histories in images.

This month is the turn of David Lynch, a director with many virtues, especially the one of being an author who does not manage to leave nobody indifferent one. It wakes up ignited passions and, also is necessary to say it, some that another hatred. Bet by a personal and intransferable language (their imitadores have had never it far from easy with him…) and an own universe inhabited by the dreams, the irrational, the spontaneous thing, border and the intangible thing has created throughout already more than 40 years of race.

Besides the own production of TCM “the 10 magnificent ones: David Lynch”, TCM will offer at night of the 26 of April as of the 22,00 hours two films that exceptionally summarize the vitality and the present time of the director: “A true history”, perhaps its more narrative film and the one than disturbed to its followers more, whom the eventful journey of old to backs of a lawnmower crossing 400 kilometers narrates to visit its brother patient and thus to settle a moral debt with itself, and “lost Highway”, the claustrofóbica and disturber history of a jazz musician that begins to receive mysterious tapes in which he appears he himself in strangest situations.

Celebration of the Day of Libro

Also, TCM will offer “Day of Libro, Day of Cinema”, a tribute to the literary world, concretely Wednesday 23 of April from the 14,25 hours, to celebrate the one of the Day of Libro, that every year agrees with the anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. This time, TCM proposes to their spectators a programming composed by great literary work adaptations to the cinema, between which it emphasizes the imaginative adaptation of “Ricardo III”, with literary Ian McKellen, and other jewels like “Picture of a lady”, with Nicole Kidman, “Matilda”, with Danny De Vito, “the young person of the Rep it”, with Scarlett Johansson or the Spanish “Days counted”, carried out by Car it to me Go'mez. It will accompany the emission by the 7 films that compose the special programming dedicated to the Day of Libro documentary of own production “the Javier Maria, to abierto book”, which offers a very special look to the figure and the professional race of the famous writer.

The important appointments of the month also continue in another one of the channels of cinema of Turner, concretely in Classic TCM (Sunday 20 of April, from the 20,30 hours), with the emission of “prohibited Hollywood”, a special programming that offers to the spectators a night love song and balanced approach to the censorship in classic Hollywood. And it is that the censorship is as old as the own cinema.

From the moment at which the incipient industry of the cinematograph perceived that the films were called to become the most popular entertainment of century XX, the ether to us savers of the moral and moral convention did not take in unfolding their heavier artillery to clip the other people's creation. To this laborious phenomenon it dedicates to Classic TCM a session of good cinema, presided over by excellent a documentary one of titled own production just as the own cycle, “prohibited Hollywood”.

(NP, 16/04/08)

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