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Telemundo will have its own thematic chain in Spain
The greater Latin television network of the United States, NBC Universal property, projects to send its own channel in Spain during the next autumn

Thus one has occurred to know in the course of the international market of televising contents, MIP TV, that is celebrated of annual form in the French locality of Dogs.

The new channel will take the name of Telemundo the International and its distribution will be realized initially through satellite.

The productions of Telemundo are very well valued by world-wide the televising sector emphasizing of excessively the soap operas. Hers they are the productions of “Passion of Sparrowhawks”, “the Fox” or “the body of desire”, among others.

The people in charge of Telemundo try to send this channel at the same time as in Mexico, where, thanks to an agreement with Television, she will be distributed by the digital platform of payment by satellite Latin Sky America.


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