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Internet and the television will absorb the increase of the publicity
The investment in conventional publicity will grow in up to 3,000 million Euros until 2012, and of that total two third parts will stop to Internet and the television

The report “New scenes for the means sector and publicity: Spain 2012”, jointly elaborated by Capgemini Average Consulting, Havas and the Institute Company, very honors a future next money changer for mass media, the hearings and, therefore, the publicity.

The advertizing investment in Spain has lived years on great growth and reached in 2007 the number of 16,000 million Euros (if the bought one to mass media is added, well-known like conventional, with the nonconventional one, that include from posters and inserts to many other formulas), according to the study.

In 2012 this number it will continue growing and the publicity for mass media will reach an investment of 11,000 million Euros. , Even so the future next it will be difficult to manage so much for means, that the model of consumption of the public and the fragmentation of the hearings will have to be transformed before the changes into, like for the advertisers, who see how the market becomes unforseeable.

The hearings will concentrate less in an u other contents, especially in television, and more will be influenced by their social context, whereas to watch through computer or of the moving body or to participate in videojuegos through the platform of a chain of TV in the network, for example, he is more and more frequent for the youngest half of the population.

These fragmented and unforseeable hearings put in prohibition the potential of growth of the great companies of mass media that, in 2007, in spite of making an historical maximum of benefits, unique in Europe, are lost value in stock market.

The advice is that they resign to maintain costs extraordinarily low (especially in the case of the televisions), they increase his investment in contents for new platforms of distribution of these and diversify his sources of income: that is, digital television and Internet.

Also for the investors in publicity, the companies that want to announce, the Spanish market and the changes that experiment present/display surroundings unforseeable and difficult to manage. Thus, until the measuring instruments of hearings (that orient the prices to announce) they are in doubt, whereas the increase of the supply of channels where to announce he is compatible with the concentration of the advertizing investment and the fragmentation of hearings with the increase of the prices.

The recommendation of the study is to be stable against an investment in volatile publicity and to think about that, although Internet advances more between the young people, like the advertizing investment in this means is very low in Spain, this sector will be the one that will grow more, whereas the television - digital, it will maintain the paper central.

(Efe, 16/04/08)

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