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Satelite channel 13 of Argentina returns to be in open in Intelsat 3R
The signal in abierto of this prestigious Argentine channel through the orbital position of 43º the West of the Intelsat satellite 3R returns to be a reality after a period to remain codified

Satelite channel 13 emits in open in the frequency 12.693-V MHz (MR. 13235, FEC 3/4) of the Intelsat satellite 3R with a magnificent cover coverall, in the South zone of Europe.

Satelite channel 13 is nourished of the contents of own production of Channel 13, a chain with generalist programming and with it soothes in Buenos Aires, with all one long one and expanded history in Argentina, since it was born in year 1.960. Later, in the 1,930, Channel 13 was tie to the group Bugler, initiating therefore a new stage of this deprived television of the Argentine country.

The presence of Satelite Channel 13 in 43º the West is not new and has gone put in between abierto and the codification to safeguard the televising rights.

The resident Argentine inimigrantes in Europe have a magnificent opportunity now now to catch the programming of this chain in the old continent, although that yes, through a little commercial satellite that is used basically as it connects between America and Europe to make arrive the signal from chains televisvas in the form of feeds or I connect technicians.

Image of Satelite Channel 13

(SatCesc, 16/04/08)

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