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Colombia initiates the process for the third deprived channel of television
The inscription begins to participate in the licitation for a third deprived channel of cover in all Colombia in unproceso that will extend hasat next the 30 of July

Between the candidates who are shown interest in participating in the licitation for the third channel they are the Group Publishing Planet-House the Time (Hispanic-Colombian), the Group Haste (Spanish), Telemundo (EE.UU.), Cisneros Group (Venezuelan), Globovisión (Venezuelan), Television (Mexican) and also the Mexican Group González Angel.

The Cntv sent the regulation and the requirements to be able to aspire to the awarding of the channel, between which the “experience, professionalism and technical capability are counted; financial standing, availability of equipment and organizational structure”.

“Within the experience 6,000 hours of production in television are demanded minimum and 11,000 hours of emission (programming)”, it indicated the organization in an official notice.

In addition, it clarified that who aspire to operate that channel of cover in all the Colombian territory they will have to demonstrate that they do not have foreign investment superior to the 40 percent of the total of his capital.

At present RCN and Caracol are both abiertos channels of national cover in Colombia.


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