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Vietnam places in orbit its first satellite of telecommunications
The Asian country describes as successful the launching from the French Guayana of its first space satellite, the Vinasat-1, that will be located in 132º This and equipped with 20 transponders in C bands and Ku

The Vinasat-1, realized and placed in orbit in cooperation with the companies North American Lockheed Martin, and the Ariane French, will pass to the Corporation of Post office and Telecommunications of Vietnam in the middle of next May.

The success of the launching was confirmed from the station of the Lockheed in Uralla, Australia.

On the matter Vietnamese prime minister, Nguyen So Dung, emphasized that the Communist Party and the State paid the greater attention to that project by their political and economic importance.

I devise space has the objective in one first stage to guarantee the provision of services of satelite bands for a vast zone of Asia, that includes east indochino country, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, China and other nations.

The financing of the satellite ascended to about 220 million dollars plus other 177 million insurance for an operation of 15 years.

Its entrance in functions will eliminate the high costs of renting paid by Hanoi until the present by the use of satellites of other countries of the region like Singapore and Thailand.


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