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The IPTV counts anywhere in the world with about 10 million subscribers
The tecnoclogía of the IPTV or Television on protocol IP could the future be dominant in being able to reach the 60 million subscribers in 2010, according to a report

According to a report realized by the Telecommunications Management Group, Inc. (TMG), the number of subscribed to services of IPTV at world-wide level, would be near 10 million at the moment.

As well, TMG assures that for the 2010 total number of subscribed, it will ascend to the incredible number of 60 million, alleging that the services based on IPTV are doubling their base of users annually, from year 2002.

Between the leaders who supply services based on IPTV is France Telecom with a total of 1,1 subscribed million of at the end of the 2007, although also the figure of Verizon (with FiOS) in the United States, and PCCW in Hong Kong stands out.

The report even emphasizes the growth of IPTV not only in developed countries, but also some like China, India and Africa.

The IPTV or Television on protocol IP, has been developed being based on the video-streaming. This technology will transform next the present television in the future, although for it much more fast networks are necessary that the present ones, to be able to guarantee the quality in the service.

Unlike the present situation, the supplier will not emit its contents hoping that the spectator connects itself, but the contents will only arrive when it asks for them to the client.


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