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The XStream channel is admonished to emit pornographic contents in open
The Council of the French Audivisual, maximum authority that guards by the televising contents in the Gallic country, threatens XStream to close his emissions if he continues programming contained of explicit sex

The XStream channel emits enough in open for time through the orbital position of 13º This of the satellites Eutelsat Hot IBRD, in the frequency 12.476-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

This channel emits during the day a programming “soft” with contents known like of call TV, that is to say advertizing reclamations appointed the adult public. This same programming changes of content in schedule nocturne with images that raise of “tone” of sex explícto, as it already warned this same vestibule of a few months ago.

Before such evidence when being an open programming in and to which all type of public can accede, the Council of the Audio-visual French (CSA) it has warned XStream that modifies its contents or it codifies in any case them if it will not force the operator of Eutelsat satellites to that it closes his signal in the orbital position of 13º This.

XStream has his soothes social in Panama but when spreading its signal through a satellite with soothes official in France (Eutelsat Communications), the French CSA has power to order the closing of the channel.

The circumstance occurs that in the same satellites other channels of similar programming exist, which they could be warned in the next dates by the CSA. These could be the several versions of the Sexy the Sat TV, Live TV or the Erotic Sat, to put some examples.

Image of XStream TV

(SatCesc, 21/04/08)

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