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The satellite Star One C2 sent successfully to the space
The Brazilian operator will operate east satellite, that will position to 70º the West and equipped with 28 transponders in C band, 16 in band Ku and 1 in the band-x

The “Star One C2” has been sent by an Ariane rocket 5 ECA, for Star One, branch of Embratel and GE International Holding companies, like part of its strategy to reinforce its position like main operator of Latin America.

Previously, Thales Alenia Space made the Star One C1, first of the “series C”, that was sent the past month of November successfully. The company explained that the new satellite incorporates sharpshooting technology in its commercial payload and offers services of television, Internet and of voice in South America, Mexico and Florida, through its hybrid payload in the C bands and Ku, and counts on another payload in X band for military exclusive use.

This satellite is based on its platform “Spacebus 3000B3” and takes 28 transponders in C band, 16 in band Ku and 1 in the band-x on board. The satellite, that will position in 70º the West, will have a weight of 4,100 kilos in the launching and an electric power of 10.5 KW (in the beginning of its operative life).

Thales Alenia Space participates in 23 launchings this year, among them six communications satellites, five payloads of telecommunications, four scientific satellites of observation, two satellites, two payloads of observation, a satellite of navigation and three modules for the Space station the International.


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