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The high resolution television will reach 44 million homes in order year
This data is come off a study of Telecom & Media, that demonstrates the important increase that in the next months will have the high resolution format (HDTV) in the television

In particular, one calculates that about 44 million homes worldwide will be equipped with the equipment necessary to receive the HDTV.

These 44 million homes, in case of being reached, will suppose an increase of 4% with respect to year 2007, doubling obtained 2% in the previous year, always according to the data that the study of Telecom & Media facilitates.

The celebration of sport events on world-wide or continental scale will contribute excessively of to the remarkable increase of the high resolution television.

Like it happened at the time when happening of the television in black target to the one of color, this year will happen something similar to the coincidence of the celebrations of the Olympic Games of Beijing or the Eurocopa of soccer of Austria and Switzerland. They are sport competitions that many viewers will want to follow with the quality that grants the high resolution television.

HDTV is the English acronym of High Definition Television (Television of high resolution). He is one of the formats that, added to the digital television (DTV), are characterized to emit the televising signals in a digital quality superior to the other systems. In Europe, the platform by Euro1080 satellite was the pioneer in emitting in high resolution, first in MPEG-2 and later under norms MPEG-4/H.264.

(SatCesc, 22/04/08)

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