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Mayan television channel initiates emissions in Guatemala
The Academy of Mayan Languages of Guatemala (ALMG) inaugurates its abierta television channel to spread the millenarian culture of this Central American country

The project denominates “Mayan TV” and will be transmitted by channel 5, the old frequency that the army used during conflict the past armed (1960-1996).

The initial cover of the indigenous channel will be in the Guatemalan capital and for 2009 it has predicted that it is at national level.

The supervision of “Mayan TV” will be under the ALMG, whose president, Paschal Domingo, said today that the project of the channel looks for to be first average of television abierta into the hands of Guatemalans without sectarian interests.

According to Paschal, the programming of the channel will be focused to the diffusion of the millenarian Mayan culture, the values and languages.

“It is a success to be to the air with Mayan TV”, honored the president of the ALMG.

Paschal it was sorry that the channel does not have support and said that to leave to the air they had to invest about 266,000 dollars of the budget of the Academy.

The channel will tomorrow leave to the air with its motto “the light, the voice and the image of the Mayan towns”, and due to its short budget each will only have three daily emissions with duration of 30 minutes, aimed.

Paschal it stressed that “Mayan TV” gives the opportunity to show the multiculturalidad them of Guatemala, that has 23 ethnic groups and more than five million Mayan inhabitants.

(Agencies, 24/04/08)

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