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The benefit of Antenna 3 loss a 30% in the first trimester
The net benefit of the Group Antenna 3 fell a 29.9% in the first trimester of the 2008 when reaching the 31.33 million Euros, against the 44.66 million the same period of the previous year

The net income descended a 11.2%, when being placed in 217,39 million Euros against 244.94 million of the previous exercise.

These negative results took place, according to the company, by the evolution to the loss of the advertizing market around a 4% with respect to the 2007, due to the bad behavior of the month of March, by the celebration of the Easter and the general elections.

However, the contribution of each one of the lines of business to the consolidated net income stayed of form similar to the registered ones in the first trimester of the previous year, representing Antenna 3 TV 86.3% of the total, and Uniprex 10.8%.

Reduction of the operating expenseses

The operating expenseses of the accumulated ones of the 2008 were reduced in a 8.7% with respect to the same period of the 2007, had mainly to the savings realized in the costs of the programming of the television and to the plan of variable repayment based on the quote of the action.

The gross result of operation was placed in the 59.37 million Euros, a 17.3% less than in the period January-March of the 2007, when 71.8 million Euros were registered.

To 31 of March the net flow of cash in originating box of the operation activities was positive and reached the 95.3 million Euros.

The accumulated average hearing was of 16.5%, and during the first trimester it both continued the process of fragmentation of the quota of hearing in favor of new channels (Four and Sixth), and of the rest of the grouped ones in others, that include the new digital channels.

(Agencies, 24/04/08)

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