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The benefit of Television grows a 39% in first trimester of 2008
The Mexican company registers a majority net benefit of 1,053 million weights (100 million dollars) in the first trimester of 2008, number superior in a 39.8% to the utilities of the same period of the past year

Between January and March of this year, the company obtained total income by 9,538 million weights (908 million dollars), which supposed an increase of the 12.8 percent compared with the same months of the previous year.

The utility of operation of the company was placed in 2.384 million weights (227 million dollars) between January and March, smaller number a 1.9% with respect to the same period of the previous exercise.

On the other hand, the increase of the utilities of operation gives to majors sales, which partially were affected by smaller costs and expenses of operation.

Between January and March the chain invested to 80.1 million dollars in the segments of television by cable, in Sky Mexico, games and drawings, abierta television, among others businesses.

The total debt of the company ascended to 25,351 million weights (2,414 million dollars). It televises it is the greater Hispanic mass media company of speech of the world and maintains 69.3% of the hearing in Mexico.

In addition, it publishes and it distributes publications, films and it operates a vestibule of Internet.

(Agencies, 25/04/08)

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