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The channels of the TDT by Hispasat will be codified shortly
The propietary company of the technical connections of the emitting centers of the TDT has predicted encriptar the signals to avoid the present pirateo of the same, that only occurs in certain receivers

The proprietor of these technical connections of the TDT through Hispasat satellite 1C-1D (30º the West) is Retevisión (Abertis Telecom). Several frequencies of this orbital position are taken advantage of to distribute the signal of the national television networks of the TDT. One is signals that at present they emit in open but which they only can be caught by determined receiving to that firmware has modified them.

These television channels are emitting contents (films, sports, programs…) with acquired rights reason why they cannot be seen outside the Spanish national territory.

In order to safeguard these rights and simultaneously to restrain the piracy that affects this distribution, Retevisión must predicted to next codify the signals changing of technical format happening to standard DVB-S2, according to informs Claudius Hernandez. The date for changed is about to still to decide but it is presumed that it will not take too much.

When the change of the present practical standards takes place (DVB-S, QPSK_R) and its later codification, all the receivers that at the moment receive these signals of the TDT by Hispasat will stop doing it reason why the sale of these apparatuses will also stop of blow.

The viewers who accede to the programming of the channels of the TDT through terrestrial route will not notice any change and they will continue them seeing in open.

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